How To Buy A Capsule Wardrobe Online In 9 Easy Steps

How To Buy A Capsule Wardrobe online is easy once you are familiar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe and know how many and what kind of items should be in your capsule wardrobe.

How to buy a capsule wardrobe online

If you are not sure what a capsule wardrobe is, you can find out here.

There are two great ways How To Buy A Capsule Wardrobe Online:

  1. DIY Bespoke Capsule: Build your own bespoke capsule wardrobe with the help of a how-to guide and shop the items for your capsule at your favorite online retailer
  2. Ready-Made Capsule: Download a ready-made capsule wardrobe guide and order the items the guide recommends

Obviously, the DIY method is the more bespoke option and offers the advantage to use existing items from your closet and choose your favorite retailers to buy from.

This is why I prefer this option, and – since I always want to help you with business fashion hacks – I will show you how I have built a capsule wardrobe for business using the DIY method.

I have found a simple 5-step system* that will make it really easy for you to build and buy your own capsule wardrobe online. 

The Ready-Made Capsule is super-convenient if you don´t want to spend time browsing the internet, and you want all the items picked for you by a capsule wardrobe expert.

If DIY is not for you, you will find some recommendations for finding good ready-made capsule wardrobe guides in the links section of this post. You can download these at your convenience and start shopping.

This post will show you exactly how I have put together a capsule wardrobe for work according to the 5-Step system and how to buy a capsule wardrobe online this season. I have also included all the links to the items I bought in the links section at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Consider Your Office Dress Style

This step is optional, but I recommend spending a few minutes thinking about what style your capsule wardrobe should be.how to buy a capsule wardrobe online

Before you start selecting the items online for your capsule wardrobe outfits, I recommend taking a few minutes to consider your capsule’s purpose and what your life circumstances are surrounding that purpose.

Consider the business dress code you might need to adhere to and the situations you might need to get dressed for (i.e., business conference, online meetings, business dinner, just regular day-to-day office style?).

In my case, I work in a corporate job, the dress code at the office is generally business casual, but I also need a more formal outfit for a business conference next month.

I have also been working from home a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic and have naturally been wearing more casual items.

I believe this trend is here to stay.

This is why I have chosen to buy a capsule wardrobe online that is a casual business style and will accommodate my needs to work-from-home and in a more formal office setting.

Step 2: Know your color type.

Another important point to consider before you start to buy your capsule wardrobe online:

What kind of colors do you like? What colors suit you best?  how to buy a capsule wardrobe online

We all have our favorite colors and know what colors suit us, and we all have our distinct color types.

Your color type depends on your skin tone and undertones and your hair and eye color.

I, as an example, am a summer color type. So I look better in navy rather than black, and any pastel color suits me well.

This point is totally optional, but knowing your color type will make it easier for you to choose the colors for your capsule wardrobe later on.

If you want to delve deeper and learn more about what colors suit you best, my post “What is a color type – your simple guide to seasonal color analysis.” will help you out.

It includes color charts for each color type, which will help you pick the best colors to buy for your capsule wardrobe online.

Step 3: Pick The Best Places To Shop For Business Capsule Wardrobe Clothes

I actually find it easier to buy business attire online rather than offline.

To buy a Capsule wardrobe online has the advantage that you can look for items in the colors that you will choose and select only items in those colors. It would take you hours in a retail shop to look for just the right color for your capsule.

And since the amount of items is limited in a capsule wardrobe, it is really the most effective way to buy a capsule wardrobe.

Thinking about how to buy a capsule wardrobe online, choose 1 or 2 sites to buy from.

Ann Taylor

When putting together a capsule wardrobe for business purposes, I recommend going for sites with a dedicated workwear section.

This will make it much easier for you to pick items that are definitely work-appropriate, look good, and match.

Features like a return policy, a useful sizing feature, and a shop-the-look feature are equally important. They will help you pick items that fit you well, and you can exchange them easily should you accidentally select the wrong size.

For my casual business capsule wardrobe, I have picked Boden and Ann Taylor to buy a capsule wardrobe online.

Both feature a dedicated workwear range. This is a big bonus and will make buying a business capsule wardrobe online so much easier for you.

I love Ann Taylor for their classic yet timeless styles with a twist, perfect for starting a capsule wardrobe.

Ann Taylor offers everything workwear, and you can never go wrong with an Ann Taylor outfit for work. They offer many business workwear essentials, making Ann Taylor a great site to buy a capsule wardrobe online.

Boden is a British online clothing retailer that offers beautifully tailored in a distinct “British style”.

The one thing that stands out about Boden’s Workwear range for women is that they offer beautiful colors and patterns. This is what I absolutely LOVE about Boden.

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t need to have colorful items to be complete, but I am a big fan of color and definitely want to have some color when I buy a capsule wardrobe online.

Step 4: Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Ok, now that I have decided on the dress style (casual business), the color type (summer), the retailers I want to buy from (Boden, Ann Taylor), it is time to build my actual capsule wardrobe.

For this step, I am following the system by Classy Yet Trendy, a great site for everything to do with capsule wardrobes.

Step 5: Select your base color – “Navy” or “Black” 

Depending on your color type, choose “navy” or “black” as your base color.

I am choosing navy for my business capsule wardrobe. As I mentioned, I am a summer color type, so navy is the best base color for me. Actually, the summer color type is the only type that should avoid black; all other types can choose black or navy.

Step 6: Select Neutral-Basic Essentials: 

According to Classy Yet Trendy, neutral-basic essentials are tops and bottoms in solid colors such as white, cream, grey, or beige and either black or navy, depending on which color you chose in step 1.

Ok, now the fun starts.

So, I have chosen the following items to buy for my capsule wardrobe online:

4 Bottoms:

How to buy a capsule wardrobe online

how to build a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to builda capsule wardrobe online

5 Tops and jackets

how to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe online

how to buy a capsule wardrobe online

1 Dress:

how to buy a capsule wardrobe online

Ok, so now I have a basic capsule wardrobe with tops, bottoms, and a dress in neutral colors that will look good wherever I go. I could finish the capsule off now by going straight to step 5 and add a few shoes and accessories.

However, I love colors and patterns and will go ahead and add some of these.

Step 7: Choose Your Accent Color (optional):

I have chosen two accent colors: blush and teal. Both of these look great with my base color navy and are great options for my “summer color type”.

If you are not sure what colors go with your type, my post “What is a color type-a a simple guide to seasonal color analysis” includes a step-by-step guide on defining your color type and color charts for the 4 basic seasonal color types.

So I have decided to buy 3 Tops in my accent colors blush and teal:

how to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe online

Step 8: Add A Few Patterned Items and Layers:

In this step, I decided to go for 3 shirts: two essential shirts and one striped top:

how to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe online

And I am adding three jackets to the mix:

how to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe online

Step 9: Add Shoes and Accessories 

Last but not least- Shoes!

I am not big on shoes and am don’t typically own a lot of shoes. I usually own a couple of pairs, which I wear until I need a new couple of pairs.

Sounds boring?

Perhaps, but the capsule wardrobe’s essence is that you always get different outfits by combining them in different ways. So I don’t think it will get too boring too quickly.

I feel for the upcoming winter season, 4 types of shoes are a must for my business casual capsule wardrobe:

  • ankle boots
  • high heels
  • flats

I have gone for the following four pairs of shoes, all suitable for a business casual wardrobe:

how to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow tu buy a capsule wardrobe onlinehow to buy a capsule wardrobe online

And here it is: My 23-piece casual business capsule wardrobe

Now all that´s left to do is go to the Ann Taylor and Boden site and buy my capsule wardrobe online!

If you like the business casual capsule I have built or any of the capsule items, I have summarized all links at the bottom of this post for you.

Leanne’s 5-step system is convenient if you have never built a capsule wardrobe before. I have found it relatively easy and really fun.

How To Buy A Capsule Wardrobe –  With Ready-Made Capsule Wardrobe Guides

If you don’t want to build your own capsule wardrobe, you can also download ready-made capsule wardrobe guides.

I have found two great sites offering ebooks and guides for capsule wardrobes (links below):

Now That I Can Do:

This mom fashion blog offers fashion tips for busy moms and includes some neat capsule wardrobe guides. You can get a free download of capsule wardrobe guides for different occasions.

They also have a business style guide for working moms. The free download will give you a complete business capsule wardrobe, including shopping links. If you want to have an extended version with all the looks, you will be charged a small extra fee.

Classy Yet Trendy:

This site is fully dedicated to capsule wardrobes and offers a wealth of information surrounding this topic.

They don´t have a ready-made guide for business capsules yet, but it seems to be in the works due to release in winter 2020/2021. However, they have all kinds of other capsule wardrobe guides, including all the shopping links.

Summary: How to Buy a Capsule Wardrobe Online?

I have found that buying a capsule wardrobe online can be quite complicated if you don´t have a system to guide you through the process.

Buying a capsule wardrobe online is easy if you follow these 5 steps:

  1. Decide on the business style beforehand.
  2. Determine your color type ahead of time
  3. Choose Your favorite retailers.
  4. Build your capsule wardrobe according to Classy Yet Trendy´s 5-step system
  5. Get Shopping!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will soon buy your very own capsule wardrobe online.

If you have enjoyed it, please leave a comment below. And if you have any questions, I will be thrilled to answer them!

All the best, Drea


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Link to Ready-Made Capsule Wardrobe Guides:




How to Start A Capsule Wardrobe: https://classyyettrendy.com/2017/02/start-capsule-wardrobe-5-steps.html/

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  1. The 5 steps you provided before buying a capsule wardrobe is a good plan and easier for the buyer.  With the pandemic nowadays, it is practical that we all rely on online purchases to keep us safe.  My question, though, will the seller allow product returns in case it does not fit?

    • Hello Maria Theresa, all online retailers offer a comprehensive and customer-friendly return policy and the online retailers that I choose to buy from for my capsule wardrobe each have great return policies.

      Boden offers a  “three-months no quibble return policy (7 days for sales items) and a 365-day return for anything that does not meet high-quality expectations (except wear and tear).

      Ann Taylor offers free returns within 30 days of the purchase date. 

      In addition to that, these 2 particular retailers also have great sizing charts, so you can easily pick the right size. If you are not sure about which size to order despite that, I recommend ordering two alternative sizes, try them on at home and keep the one that fits you best. I hope my answers have helped you. All the best, Drea

  2. I want to say right up front that I hate worrying about what to wear to the office.  I hate shopping. I hate having to decide what goes together. I hate having to wonder what’s appropriate. This sounds like a wonderful solution!  To think, all I have to do is pick a base color, choose a business style, and be presented with various clothes that all complement each other is fantastic!  Thank you for this information!  I may like shopping after all!

    • Hello Cynthia, I understand your feelings about shopping all too well. When it comes to shopping for business attire, it is a “must-do” rather than a “want-to” for a lot of us. Having said that, it can be gratifying when you have a selection of color-coordinated, well-suited outfits that make you look good. Clothes influence your mood and your psyche, so it is worth paying attention to what you wear for work.

      Simplicity is king, though, and with a simple wardrobe concept like the capsule wardrobe, standing in front of the closet with nothing to wear will be a thing of the past, and you can spend your energy on all the things you love :).

      It will be quite easy for you to put together a capsule wardrobe for work, especially if you go for websites with a dedicated workwear section, such as Ann Taylor as an example.  All the best and lots of success! Drea

  3. Hello there! I have not heard of a capsule wardrobe before but you organized your post very well by including that in the very beginning and I thank you for that. I did not realize I had my own capsule wardrobe with some of my go-to clothes in case there is a day that I am running late for work. It is really efficient rather than to have to go through my entire collection and spend too much time trying to decide what to wear. I can definitely see the 5 applicable reasons for a capsule wardrobe. Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Mike, interesting… you have a capsule wardrobe without ever having put one together… what you may want to do is separate the items that are part of your workwear capsule and see how many different outfits you can get out of just a few items. For example, I have recently built a 10 item capsule wardrobe and get 40 different outfits out of that one. So there is huge variety in just a few items! Have fun with it, all the best Drea

  4. I’m glad I got across this article. It is a great one. I learned so much from all the details you outlined about How To Buy A Capsule Wardrobe online in your nine steps, and I figured, it will be very useful to my wife, so I forward it to her. You have made her day as she enjoyed your article, and now she knows the drill. We both thank you very much for all your effort and all the info and guidance you have provided. I’m sure a lot of folks out there would be happy campers once they read your post.

    • Hello Akim, I am glad my post provided value to you and especially your wife. I really do feel that the capsule wardrobe concept brings a great structure into your wardrobe and simplifies your day–to–day life. Happy to share!

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