Instantly Trendy Fall Fashion For Work

It is back to school season and for lots of us this means back to the office after the holiday season. In this post I will show you how to look the part at work with this fall´s office fashion trends, while keeping in mind that it will probably not be a “regular fall at the office” for you due to Covid-19 regulations being in place.

Fall Fashion For Work: All It Takes Are A Few New Pieces

This fall, chances are that you will be spending a bit less time at the office with lots of professionals working in a hybrid office situation (home & office) or mostly from home still. When it comes to your fashion for work, this means that you can probably get away with a lot of the pieces you own already. You are less exposed on a daily basis, but dressing appropriately for work is still important, as it sets your mind up for “work” and this mindset will make you more productive – whether you work from home or at the office.

Therefore, I recommend updating your business wardrobe with a few new key pieces, that will give your existing items an immediate boost and will make you look the part in any work situation, whether it is online or offline :).

  1. If you are mostly working from home – upgrade your fall work fashion with some new shirts or jumpers, but otherwise stick to existing work essentials and keep it comfortable
  2. If you are back at the office – all it might take is a new coat, ankle boots to braze you for colder temperatures and a couple of colorful shirts to spice up your business suits.

With lots of colorful styles offered by the main retailers, you can enjoy a fall full of cheerful, cool and comfortable office styles without breaking the bank.

Here Are The 4 Main Color Trends This Fall

Autumn is the season of colors, yet office outfits quickly turn into grays and blacks or neutral colors. This is not the worst news I have ever shared, as grays, blacks and neutral colors are pretty much in trend this season – at least according to Harper´s Bazaar. Harper´s Bazaar identify 4 fall color trends from the runway in their August edition:

  • essential neutrals
  • soft pinks
  • gradients of gray, as well as
  • head-to-toe black.

Source: harpersbazaar.com (Fall Colors 2020, Aug 20)

Sounds like a pretty great color palette to head into a busy fall season – whether it is back at the office, at home or in a hybrid office environment.

So fall will definitely not be boring if you go for these very wearable color trends.

The way to spice up your fall fashion for work without breaking the bank is to add some work wear essentials in this fall´s trendy colors to your existing wardrobe of suits in neutral colors (black, gray, beige or blue). Here is my pick of some cool items to give your fall fashion for work an instant boost.

Brighten Up Your Office Day With Soft Pink Jumpers

Lots of us will still be working from home or in a hybrid office situation this fall. High quality jumpers and cardigans are the ideal companions, as they are comfortable yet professional at the same time. Paired with a button-down shirt and a pair of office pants or a skirt, they make a great, yet comfortable (home) office outfit. My favorite this season is sorbet pink: this color will look stunning on most color types – whether you have blond or dark hair, it will create a beautiful contrast and look so fresh on you! Plus it is an immediate mood-lifter in these rather challenging times.

fall fashion for work

Shop Boden´s Cashmere Cardigan in Milkshake

Invest In A Good Work Coat In This Fall´s Trendy Color

With most offices being air-conditioned, sometimes all it takes for you summer fashion to turn into a fall fashion for work is a good coat and different shoes.

Chances are that you already own office wear in essentials neutrals such as shades of beige or brown, gray or black. Good news is: all these colors are in trend this season. A good way to give neutrals an immediate lift is to combine them with this fall´s bright trendy color – pink. People on Instagram are loving this beautiful combo of caramel and pink:

Fall Fashion For Work


Shop this style by Boden here:

Bilington Coat in Plum Blossom by Boden

Powis Wide Leg Trousers by Boden

Essential Roll Neck

If bright pink is not your color, go for a more neutral shade such as beige or gray – these colors are also in trend and they will never really go out of trend, as neutrals are always easy to combine with new trendy colors in the future.

Another great way to upgrade your neutral office wardrobe is to invest in a new bag or shoes in this season´s bright pink.

fall fashion for workTime for ankle boots!

It is fall, it is time for ankle boots. I absolutely love this style of shoe as a great alternative to classic office pumps: they are comfortable, look stylish and are suitable for the office. They will keep your feet warm throughout fall, if you are commuting to work. And they are great if you are looking for an outfit that will take you from work to after work – whether that is after work drinks or an activity with your kids. I find ankle boots are best worn with a pair of skinny jeans, cropped suit pants or a dress. There are loads of different colors and styles available and I have selected some nice options for you here:

Shop Boden´s Elsworth Ankle Boots

Combine Beautiful Colorful Shirts With Your Suits

Another way of making the most of your existing business wardrobe is to boost your black / gray or blue suits with some colorful shirts. As we will be working from home a lot this season, we might not necessarily show off our office wear as much as we usually would, so all it takes are a couple of new shirts to be ready for the next zoom call. There are some great colors and patterns around this season:

fall fashion for work

Shop Florence Top Dusty Rose

Fall Fashion For Work

Shop Silk Shirt Navy, Chelsea Bloom

Staying Trendy Without Breaking The Bank Is Easy This Fall

Whether you will be working from home or at the office or a combination of both this fall, I have shown you some easy ways to spice up your fall fashion for work without breaking the bank. This season trendy colors will make you look cool, yet you don´t have to overhaul your complete work wardrobe to look trendy and cool: Invest in a few key pieces that suit your work style style this season and you will be good to go.

I am going for a bright pink blazer and a new business coat this fall. How will you spice up your work fashion this fall? I would love to hear about your wardrobe choices in the comments below. And of course, if I can ever give you a hand with anything, please let me know as well.

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  1. Hi, it is great to see feedback from men on my site :)! As you have correctly concluded – with this fall´s fashion trends – it does not take much to  upgrade an existing wardrobe. Since you are investing in a new shirt, look for the ones that are iron-free – they are super-easy to care for and will make your life easier.

  2. You’ve got some perfect ideas for me to buy into and I’m very sure that the season has just begun when you’re wearing your best. I like that cardigan in milkshake and the other dress too. This is really easy and I wouldn’t be breaking the bank for the dresses I’ll wear. Do you have a recommendation for other types of shoes?

    • Hello Jackie, yes it is indeed super-easy this fall to mix up your business wardrobe a bit. In terms of shoes – if you are not comfortable wearing ankle boots, you can naturally always go for a classic pair of pumps for the office or – if you dress code happens to be on the business casual side – even a nice pair of sneakers (look for high quality materials) will do the deed this autumn.

  3. Enjoyed reading this post thank you.  
    Whether home or office working, the right outfit can make a difference. If you aren’t used to working from home, wearing office clothing can put you in the right mindset to focus and be productive. Having worked from home, full time,  for many years, I know what a difference it can make.

    Loved your suggestions, especially the floral silk blouse. I may have to treat myself to that one.

    • Hello Linda, you are spot-on – proper office clothes will make you feel and be more productive and makes a huge difference to your mind set! Enjoy shopping 🙂 All the best, Drea

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