The Real Difference Between Ann Taylor And Loft – Top 3 Outfits

If you are looking for workwear essentials this fall, 2 online shops will almost certainly come to mind: Ann Taylor and Loft. These 2 New York-based retailers are known for perfect work attire, and I bet most of you own either some Ann Taylor or Loft items. Whereas both brands are part of the same group of companies, there are some significant differences between them. But what exactly is the difference between Ann Taylor and Loft?difference between Ann Taylor and Loft

What To Expect At Ann Taylor And Loft

For starters, Ann Taylor has been around longer of the two brands and has a more substantial reputation for quality and lifestyle. From a brand positioning point-of-view, Ann Taylor competes in the “better” priced category. It caters to the successful, relatively affluent career woman who needs appropriate, fashion-conscious attire for her professional life and likes stylish looks for her free time. Loft was launched into the market in 1998 as “Ann Taylor Loft”, Ann Taylors smaller side-kick. Since then, Loft has evolved into a retail powerhouse, almost overtaking its bigger sister in popularity. Loft compete in the moderately priced area, and their collections are designed for value-conscious women.

What Do Shoppers Like You Say About The Difference Between Ann Taylor And Loft?

Here are some answers I have found on Influenster:

  • “LOFT is definitely the more casual of the two. They sell things like pajamas, workout clothes, everyday wear. Where Ann Taylor sells a lot of business type clothing, they both have super cute stuff, though!”
  • “The Loft has more fun type clothing, and Ann Taylor is primarily business attire.”
  • “In my opinion, Loft is more business casual, where Ann Taylor is more business. Loft seems to cater more to young professionals than Ann Taylor. The Loft is also more affordable.”
  • “I find Loft a little more youthful and fun.”
  •  Ann Taylor is dressier- suitable for a suit or that type of thing. More “investment” pieces.

In a nutshell: Ann Taylor is perceived to be a specialist for business attire, whereas Loft is more business casual. Ann Taylor is also perceived pricier than Loft.

The Real Difference Between Ann Taylor And Loft – 3 Outfits

Ok, so I want you to see for yourself whether it is true that Ann Taylor is the “smarter” yet pricier of the two and Loft is more casual and affordable.

For the sake of comparison, I have picked 3 outfits by Ann Taylor and The Loft:

  • A business pantsuit combo
  • a business casual outfit
  • a business dress

To make it fair, I am only using standard pricing, no promotions for either brand.

Ok, here it goes…

See for yourself – the difference between Ann Taylor and Loft found on each of their website in November 2020.

The Business Pantsuit Combo

Business Pantsuit Combo by Ann Taylor

Total Price: $406.31

Items: The Double Breasted Blazer In Doubleweave: $212.81, High Rise Straight Pant in Doubleweave: $119, Shimmer Ribbon Drapey Cami: $74.50

difference between Ann Taylor And Loft

The Business Pant Suit Combo by Loft 

Total Price: $289.33

Items: Slim Pants: $85.45, Garden Drop Shoulder Sweater: $63.95, Blazer: $139.93

Disclaimer: The exact items on the picture were not available, but the above pricing is for equivalent items on the Loft website

difference between Ann Taylor and Loft

The Business Casual Outfit

Business Casual Outfit by Loft 

Total Price:  $278.18.

Items: Long textured knit blazer (same as in image): $139.73, Split-Neck tunic shirt (similar to the image): $63.75, Skinny Ankle Pants (similar to the image): $74.70)
Disclaimer: The exact items on the picture were not available, but the above pricing is for equivalent items on the Loft website

difference between Ann Taylor and Loft

Business Casual Outfit by Ann Taylor:

Total Price: $413.66

Items: The Easy Wide Leg Pant: 95.66, The Hutton Blazer in Sweater Knit: $169, Cashmere Puff Sleeve Sweater: $149

difference between Ann Taylor and Loft


The Business Dress

Business Dress by Loft:

Price:  $96.20

difference between Ann Taylor and Loft

The “Heart Velvet Mock Neck Flare Dress” by Ann Taylor comes to $149.40

difference between Ann TAylor and Loft

The Real Difference Between Ann Taylor And Loft – Conclusion

There is a price difference between Ann Taylor and Loft Outfits of about $50 (for the dress) and $120 (for complete outfits).

There is also a difference in the quality of the materials and looks, though: for example, the Loft dress is made from Acrylic and Nylon,  whereas the Ann Taylor dress is made from polyester, rayon, and spandex and is likely to keep its original shape for longer.

The Ann Taylor outfits are more formal and look like higher quality, so the perceived value is also higher.

Comparing the online shopping experience between the 2, I have to say that Ann Taylor does offer a much better experience when it comes to shopping for business attire. There is an entire section dedicated to workwear on their site: work dresses, worktops, work shoes, work pants,.. you name it – they´ve got it. I also love their “shop the look feature”: if you see an outfit you like, they show you exactly which items to pick and even suggest the right accessories to go with the outfit. For the busy woman who wants to look polished at the office, Ann Taylor is a straightforward go-to shopping experience.

Read More about Ann Taylor Business Clothing 10 Fabulous Must-Haves.

See more information about Sizing, Delivery, and Return policies for Ann Taylor in this article.

Unfortunately, with the Loft outfits, it was tough to find the exact items on the images, as there is no “shop the look” feature, and the items pictured were not suggested in the section “you may also like”. It could be that they were sold out, I am not sure. So it is harder in the Loft online shop to shop for a complete look.

What speaks for the Loft is that they also cater to plus sizes, no plus sizing in Ann Taylor.

See more information about Loft´s Plus Size Range, including Sizing, Delivery, and Return policies here.

What about you?

At the end of the day, the difference between Ann Taylor and Loft depends on what you want for your business wardrobe and what kind of dress code is appropriate where you work. Ann Taylor offers a slightly more sophisticated and timeless look, whereas Loft´s looks are more relaxed and slightly trendier. It all comes down to personal preference.

So what about you: Do you find yourself shopping more often at Loft or Ann Taylor? What do you think is the difference between the two? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And as always, if  I can ever give you a hand with anything, please let me know 🙂

All the best,


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  1. Not much difference between The Business Pant Suit Combo by Loft and Ann but I’d say Loft’s one would really emit an aura for work that’s more approachable wouldn’t you agree? Plus it’s affordable too. Though it’s not double-weave, Loft’s coat and slim pants would suit anyone which is why I’m definitely getting my girlfriend this, thanks for the idea input! 😀

    • Hi Riaz, thank you for your comment and your opinion on the difference between Ann Taylor and Loft. It is interesting how you say that Loft seems more approachable because that is exactly what the brand wants to achieve: it is more of a brand for everyone – approachable and comfortable. Great that you have found an awesome choice of outfit for your girlfriend; she will be so pleased :). All the best, Drea

  2. Your comparison between the two outfits is excellent. The price difference between the full outfits of 120 $ is not that much much – if you consider that you get more quality clothes to your wardrobe. I’m not too fond of clothing that starts losing shape or color after a few washes. My personal opinion is to buy more quality clothes to combine with other pieces in your closet. Do you think Ann Taylor fits into the category, where you could say – less is more?

    • Hello Vesna, I am on the same page as you and believe investing in higher quality clothes is “cheaper” in the long run than buying a whole range of cheaper items that will look out of shape after a few washes. A good piece of clothing made of high-quality fabric will look great for a longer period of time. Especially when it comes to business clothing, good quality is important. Rather invest in a few high-quality pieces in matching colors and combine them in different ways. Less is definitely more for business clothing, and Ann Taylor is a good example of that philosophy. Ann Taylor´s high-quality styles will not go out of fashion quickly and bring you a long, happy relationship with your favorite business outfit. 🙂

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