Can You Wear Yoga Pants For Work?

can you wear yoga pants for workCan You Wear Yoga Pants For Work? – hmmm, good question. These days, wearing workout gear to the office is actually an option.

While I was pregnant, I wore yoga pants for work regularly. I owned a particularly nice, black bootcut pair of yoga pants at the time, which I found to be the most comfortable pair of pants to wear for work in my second trimester.

Being pregnant and having nothing that fits used to be the only reason to wear yoga pants for work.

However, the tide has turned in recent years, and while leggings have been office-appropriate for a while, yoga pants have become workplace-friendly thanks to several brands that design stylish, office-friendly workout gear.

Recently, brands such as Betabrand have pushed into the workwear market with “dress yoga pants” – yoga pants that you can (also) wear for work.

What is it with this trend? Which yoga pants can you wear for work? Which are the best styles?

Read on to find answers to all of these questions.

Can You Wear Yoga Pants For Work – A Trend That´s Here To Stay

Business dress codes have long defined the norm of what is “work-appropriate” and what isn´t. Still, with millennials entering the workforce, the rise of tech giants such as Facebook or Google and startups offering a more relaxed working environment – dress codes have relaxed a lot.

Business casual seems to be the new norm. Are leggings ok within a business casual dress code? It is not quite clear. Fact is that leggings have slowly seeped into our working lives, and it has become more and more acceptable to wear tight-fitting pants made from stretchy materials to work if styled in the right way.

Yoga Pants essentially are just a variation of leggings and just as leggings have become more acceptable, so have yoga pants.

With Covid-19 forcing a large portion of the US workforce into the home office, the trend for athleisure workwear has accelerated drastically, and I believe this trend is here to stay.

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So, the time is right for Yoga Pants For Work. With many brands offering comfortable yet work-appropriate variations for work, you do not have to compromise professionalism and style.

Read on to find out with types of yoga pants that are best for work, how to style dress yoga pants, and where to shop for a pair of work-appropriate yoga pants.

Which Types Of Yoga Pants Are Best For Work?

When it comes to wearing Yoga Pants For Work, the same style rules apply as for leggings.

Some yoga pants are more or less leggings (the tight skinny cuts), but there are other cuts too, such as the flared cut.

Modern Suit yoga pants brands offer a range of different cuts;

I will talk about that a bit more in the next paragraph. But now. Let´s talk about the do´s and don´t of wearing yoga pants for work.

Here are the 5 most important tips when it comes to choosing yoga pants for work:

can you wear yoga pants for work1. Choose Yoga Pants Made From Strong Fabric

When investing in a new pair of yoga pants for work, pay attention to the type of material they are made of. Look for fabric with a high stretch level: 4-way stretch or Ponte fabric is an ideal choice.

If the material is too thin or low-quality, your leggings will reveal every detail about your legs, also the unwanted ones such as bulges – you really want to avoid that. Besides, bad-quality leggings will look worn-out very quickly, i.e., saggy around your knees or bottom.

2. Buy Yoga Pants In Neutral Dark Colors

If you are looking to wear comfortable yoga pants to work but still want to achieve a polished and professional office look, make sure to go for neutral, dark work-like colors, such as black, marine blue, or dark grey.

can you wear yoga pants for work3. Stay Clear Of  Yoga Pants With “Workout-Style” Features

It would be best if you kept your “work” yoga pants separate from your “workout” yoga pants for a professional look. While they can be the same type of pants, you should definitely avoid typical “workout-style” features such as very bright colors, logos showing, or bold patterns.

Dress Yoga Pants are an ideal choice, as they are specifically designed to be worn at work yet are just as comfortable as regular yoga pants.


Which Are The Best Dress Yoga Pants Styles?

Brands such as Betabrand offer various cuts and styles when it comes to work-appropriate yoga pants, so-called “dress yoga pants”.

Betabrand offers various dress yoga pant styles and cuts: straight leg, bootcut, skinny leg, wide leg, and crop styles are available with and without pockets and in a wide range of colors.

Betabrand dress yoga pants are made from wrinkle-resistant 4-way stretch Ponte fabric and are machine washable. They are certainly a stylish a high-quality variation of your dress yoga pant.

Baman´s Yoga Dress Pants Offer All The Comfort And Style You Need For A Good Day At Work

A budget-friendly alternative to Betabrand´s dress yoga pants are Bamans Yoga Dress Pants, available on Amazon.

Bamans offer a skinny leg, boot cut alternative, high-waist cuts with pockets, and tummy control. They come in traditional office-style colors such as marine blue, grey, and black. The price tag is extremely reasonable at $24.99 a pair.

In terms of style, a skinny-leg yoga pant will – just like leggings offer the most style variations. They can be combined with shirts, tunics, or blazers.

A flared cut, or boot cut is certainly a good alternative, but pay attention to the material in this case and make sure your yoga pants do not look too baggy. Besides, when wearing a flare-type cut, you should avoid oversized tops as your overall appearance might lack shape in this case. Rather go for a casual blazer and button-down shirt instead.

The Best Ways To Style Yoga Pants For Work

If you want to get away with wearing yoga pants for work, there are some basic rules when it comes to styling your yoga pants work look:

1. Always Wear Tops That Cover Your Bottom

Due to the tight cuts (especially for yoga leggings) – yoga pants can be quite revealing, and even if you are super slim and toned, you wouldn´t want to bear it all at the workplace. So, you are best advised to combine dress yoga pants with long tops, such as oversized shirts, a tunic, or a blazer.

can you wear yoga pants for work2. Combine Yoga Pants For Work With Formal Business Clothing

For a professional look, make sure you dress your yoga pants up, never down. Ideal partners for business yoga pants are blazers, blouses, and dresses. Ideally,  choose tops that are not too fitted; these will make your legs look slimmer and create a better overall look. Always make sure you dress your yoga pants up for work, as you would do with a regular pair of office pants.

An oversized shirt, tunic, or blazer are all good companions for yoga pants. Combine them with the right shoes such as heels or a stylish ankle boot, and don´t forget the jewelry.

3. Try a tunic top

A tunic top combined with a pair of skinny fit yoga pants and high heels creates a really cool and relaxed yet stylish look for every day at the office.

4. Throw on a casual blazer

If you are going into more formal settings such as meetings, you can easily dress up your yoga pants with a casual jersey blazer. In fact, brands such as Betabrand offer casual blazers that match their dress yoga pants.

5. Combine An Oversized Shirt Or Shirt Dress With Skinny Yoga Pants

An oversized shirt will have you feel comfortable and relaxed all day yet offers enough style for any office environment. The combo of skinny leg yoga pants and oversized shirts plus heels or ankle boots are best suited if you work in creative departments or organizations. A neat alternative to the oversized shirt is a shirt dress; combined with a broad belt, it creates a nicely dressed up look for any office environment.

Where To Shop Yoga Pants For Work

Are you ready to buy?

Betabrand offers a great selection of dress yoga pants, casual blazers, dresses, skirts, and accessories. Some plus-size styles are also available.

You can find budget variations of suitable yoga pants for work on Amazon, such as Bamans Yoga Dress Pants or Safort Bootcut Yoga Pants, available in regular and tall sizing.

Can You Wear Yoga Pants For Work – Conclusion

With the recent trend towards casual workwear, it has become more acceptable to wear yoga pants for work. Besides, new brands are pushing into the market offering athleisure wear that can be worn at work and the new yoga dress pants styles offer all the features you would expect from a regular business pant plus the comfort of yoga pants.

As long as you pay attention to the quality of the pant and style your yoga pants work-appropriate, and you are good to go :).

Have you tried the Yoga Pants For Work trend? What is your experience with it?

I would love to hear about your experience in the comments box below.



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