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Product: Boden Richmond Trousers

Prices: £37.50 (Sale) – £75.00 (Regular)

Cheapest Place to Buy: boden.co.uk

Sizes: 6- 22 (UK)

Fits: Petite 28½”/72cm Regular 30½”/77cm Long 32½”/82cm

Length: Full Length

Cut: Fitted through waist, hip, and thigh with a straight leg

Waist: medium (sits below natural waist)

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane

Available Colors:

Richmond trouser colors

My Comfy Business Style Rating: 9.2 out of 10
Details of rating: Material: 9 points, Care: 10 points, Cut: 8 points, Practicability: 9 points, Suitable for business: 10 points

Boden Richmond Trousers, Product Overview

Boden Richmond Trousers are a classic pair of straight-cut, well-tailored trousers, part of Boden´s “workwear range”. They are fitted throughout and made from high-quality stretchy material, which keeps its shape throughout the day (I have tested them day in – day out – no baggy knees :)). These trousers feature front pockets and faux back pockets, which give them the right business look and feel.

Figure-Flattering Material That Hides A Small Tummy

The material is of high quality and extremely comfortable. I also find the material very figure-friendly. Due to the fabric’s thickness, they magically smooth any bulges you might have on your thighs. I find the cut gives you an overall great shape and does a great job in hiding a small tummy.

These pair of trousers get a 4,5 star rating by customers on the Boden website, and here is a comment about the figure-flattering fit by one of their satisfied customers:

Sizing: Generally, the sizing feels a full size too big according to over 800 women’s feedback on Boden´s Website.

Also, some feedback suggests that if you have a pear-shaped body, you might find the trousers a bit too tight on your thighs and too wide at your waist in your regular size. If this is the case, it is worth trying a size smaller, and you might find this to be a good fit.

As I mentioned, these trousers are made from a rather heavy material, which gives them their high-quality look and feel. There is a small downside, though: they are a bit heavy during the summer. I would say that they might be a bit too warm for any temperatures above 25 degrees C / 80 degrees F. Having said that, most offices have air conditioning anyway, but you might find them a bit hot during your commute as an example.

Great Business Pants For Women That Stay in Shape And Are Extremely Easy To Maintain

The trousers are machine washable – a must-have for me, as I can´t be bothered to have my business suits dry-cleaned. I have also found that virtually no ironing is necessary. If you hang them up neatly, there is no need to iron them – isn´t that a fantastic feature for a pair of business trousers? They stay in shape even after a long day at the office. Boden is offering these trousers in a variety of colors. In addition to the classic black or navy blue pants, they come in true Boden-style beautiful colors such as their Moroccan Blue or Orange Sunset.

A Versatile Office Must-Have Fit For Any Occasionbusiness pants for women

I find these trousers to be very comfortable for the office. The front pockets make them practical for everyday use. One small feature I miss is some belt loops, as I use these to attach the access card for my office building. Other than that, they are perfect for office use.

In my opinion, Boden Richmond trousers can be worn for a business professional, business casual, or smart casual dress code.

For Business professional, I would obviously wear them with a business blazer, such as the Boden Ponte Smyth blazer in a matching color. For Business casual, I would combine them with a fun Breton shirt and a cardigan. I would choose one of the brighter colors for smart casual, such as sky blue, and wear them with a colorful shirt.

I absolutely LOVE how versatile these pair of trousers are: they are suitable for boardroom meetings, everyday office use, but also an after-work drink or office party. AND – paired with sneakers – they can easily go from business to casual – perfect for a working moms’ everyday life :).


Here is an example of a smart casual outfit with Boden Richmond Trousers in their fun color “Tuscan Sun”:

business pants for women

In Conclusion: Boden Richmond Trousers are an affordable must-have you´ll want to wear every day.

I am a big fan of this pair of trousers, and many other women on the Boden website are too. They are not only stylish but also extremely easy to care for. They go from the boardroom to the playground with ease. They are figure-flattering.

The price tag is extremely reasonable, considering you can wear these trousers literally every day. You will lots of use out of them, and you can create lots of different outfits with  Boden Richmond trousers.

I hope I have given you a good idea of this pair of business trousers.  I am now off shopping  for yet another pair in a funkier color this time around  – probably the Sky Blue :):

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience, make sure to leave me a comment, and I will be happy to help you.


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  1. This is just exquisite! The pants are just so perfect! I hope to place some orders across for my girlfriend to suprise her in her forth coming birthday. Untill then, I anticipate with great ecstasy. 

    PS. My girlfriend is a pink freak, I really hope it can be made of pink on special order

  2. It is just so hard to find the the right dress pants that are comfortable. I love a straight leg cut, it is a must have for work, all I have to do is just pair them with a nice blouse or a blazer then I am good to go. I love the fact that they are stretchy so I can bend down comfortably and it is always a plus that they can hide my tummy. Thanks for your amazing review, I am going to try them out. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, great that you have enjoyed this review! I have been wearing a pair of Boden Richmond Trousers for a couple of years now, and I can honestly vouch and highly recommend them. They have been washed time and again and still haven´t lost their shape or color. For business clothing, I find that it pays off to invest in a high-quality pair, as you will enjoy them for longer and just feel great in them. If you do get a pair, let me know how they work out for you. All the best, Drea

  3. It is very interesting to read through this article, getting a fitted and perfect pant for women is a very good thing, it’ll make them look very sexy and also it’ll enhance their dress sense. I like this boden richmond trousers review, it is very helpful in making people know how good it is. Thanks for sharing

    • Hello Shavo, thank you for your comment on this review. I am glad I could give you the information you need to have good information about the Boden Richmond trousers. They really are a great pair of trousers, and I would recommend them to any woman working in an office job as a business essential. If you have any more questions, please do let me know; I will be happy to help you out.

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