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Product: Boden Smyth Ponte Blazer

Prices: £39.20 (Sale) – £98.00 (Regular)

Cheapest Place to Buy: boden.co.uk

Sizes: 6- 22 (UK)

Fits: Petite,  Regular

Length: Length finishes at top thigh

Cut: Fitted shape

Material: Main 65% viscose 30% polyamide 5% elastane, Lining 100% polyester

Available Colors:

My Comfy Business Style Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Details of rating: Material: 9 points, Care: 6 points, Cut: 10 points, Practicability: 9 points, Suitable for business: 10 points

Boden Smyth Ponte Knit Blazer, Product Overview

The Boden Smyth Ponte Blazer is a stylish Ponte knit blazer, part of Boden´s “workwear range”. It has a fitted shape, with two buttons at the front. And features 2 front pockets with flaps and a chest welt pocket, which gives it a great business look and feel. The shoulders are slightly cushioned, making you look put together and gives the blazer a great figure-hugging shape. This blazer is made from high-quality Ponte knit material, which keeps its shape and is also comfortable. It is easy to maintain (wash at low heat) and is suitable for all business situations and styles.

Smyth Ponte Blazer Berry Sorbet

Smyth Ponte Blazer Berry Sorbet

Click here to view Boden´s range of Smyth Ponte Blazers

Ponte Knit Fabric Ensures Comfort And Style

The material of this blazer instantly feels really high quality. It is made from viscose, polyamide, and elastane – a combination that does not sound too appealing at first if you are like me – a bit skeptical about synthetic fabric. However, we are talking about Ponte-knit here. The Ponte-knit fabric the perfect fabric for more formal office wear. It combines the benefits of a solid fabric (stays in shape) with the benefits of a stretchy material (comfort) through its double-knit technology.
In other words, Ponte fabric ensures comfort and style – exactly the kind of garment I am after when it comes to my comfy business outfit.

I want to mention a slight minus point of the rather thick material for a complete and honest overview: it is a bit heavy in very hot weather (above 25 degrees celsius). Having said that, it is ideal for the upcoming autumn season, and I can´t wait to get my hands on a second Smyth Ponte Blazer in this color:

A Fitted Blazer with Great Details

The cut, which is fitted throughout, gives a great shape to the upper body and, when worn open, again hides a small tummy. I love the length of the blazer (about mid-hip). The Boden Smyth Ponte Blazer lining is from a differently colored material, which gives it a very sophisticated feel.


Smyth Ponte Blazer Lormond Blue

Sizing fits just right – tricky on petite frames

Generally, the blazer’s sizing feels just right, according to feedback by 57 women on Boden´s Website. This means that you can probably purchase your regular size with this blazer.

What I have noticed from numerous reviews, though, is that the sizing doesn´t seem qSave real cash and time – this Blazer is machine-washable! While some customers said it is also perfect on petite frames, others have mentioned that the arms tend to be a bit too long on petite sizes. So it is probably worth just trying 2 different sizes if you are petite or looking for an alternative.

This Ponte Knit Blazer is made to last

One feature that is extremely important to me in any of my business outfits is maintaining them easily. Ideally, they should be high-quality but machine washable. I bought a Smyth Ponte Blazer a few years ago, and with my blazer, this is the case: it is machine-washable at low heat. Boden seems to have changed that, and the current model is dry clean only. That is a slight minus point, in my opinion, in terms of care. However, the Ponte knit fabric will still allow for no or only a bit of ironing. Pure bliss :).

Boden clothes are generally high quality that lasts, and this blazer is no exception. If you invest in this item for your business outfit, you will be able to wear it for quite some time and save money in the long run.

Suitable for Any Business OccasionPonte knit blazer black

What I love most about this blazer is how versatile it is: it will look good with a dress, as part of a pantsuit, or with jeans. It is suitable for work, but also for going out in the evening. Absolutely great!  The blazer’s versatility is also highlighted within the reviews on the Boden Website by many satisfied customers.

I have personally been wearing the Boden Smyth Ponte Blazer with Boden´s Richmond Trousers, both in navy blue, to make it a really comfortable and stylish business suit. Another great outfit with this blazer is a combination of the Elodie dress and the Ponte Smyth blazer.

In my opinion, Boden Smyth Ponte Blazer can be worn for a business professional, business casual, or smart casual dress code.

For Business formal, I would obviously wear it with business trousers, such as the Boden Richmond trousers in the color that matches the blazer or a business dress. For Business casual, I would combine it with a silk shirt and skinny jeans. For smart casual, I would choose a colorful shirt.

It´s Conclusive: This Is An Awesome Ponte Knit Blazer Perfect For Work and Play

As you have seen, the Boden Smyth Ponte Blazer is high quality, fit for any business occasion,  keeps its shape, and is easy to care for. You will receive TONS of compliments on this stylish yet comfortable blazer!

Just click here to see Boden´s range and buying options for this blazer.

I hope I have given you a good idea of this awesome Ponte knit blazer.  If you have any questions or would like to share your experience, make sure to leave me a comment, and I will be happy to help you.


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  1. Viscose is a low-cost fabric, which is popular thanks to its myriad of qualities. a manufactured regenerated cellulose fibre, it is neither truly natural (like cotton, wool or silk) nor truly synthetic (like nylon or polyester) – it falls somewhere in between…which is pretty cool.

     well i think having 30% viscose makes it more smooth and breathable…and people wearing that will feel comfortable and definitely look good

    • Thank you for your input on this topic! That is exactly it- comfortable and stylish is what we are looking for and Ponte Knit fabric combines these qualities perfectly!

  2. I love this pink matching suit blazer, so much fun! I don’t know why but they just have to bring matching suits back. It is so hard for women to find matching suits. I love the fitted cut and the material. Most importantly, I love the length of the blazer that it covers the behind perfectly. Almost like the 80s style in a way but much better version. Thanks for the review, I am going to check them out. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, pink is absolutely fantastic; I agree with you. Oftentimes, business fashion for women can be a bit bland. This is what I love about the Boden range of business attire for women: Boden offers great colors and patterns, and it never gets boring. I have personally owned this Ponte Knit Blazer for a couple of years now. I wear it a lot, wash it in the washing machine, and do not iron it – and it looks perfect every time! The shape is still perfect, like on day one. This blazer is a fantastic piece of clothing for the office and goes with business pants, jeans, or a dress. I highly recommend it! All the best, Drea

  3. I like the dark color suit. The best point I like to hide the little tummy. I know it is little, but do great help to cover the imperfect. When clothing hides some of your downsides, it gives me little extra confidence. Another advantage is not too formal, which suits most of my work occasion and the price range suit my budget. Cool stuff.

    • Hi, a well-cut blazer does have the advantage of hiding a bit of belly fat around your midriff. I agree that a well-cut Ponte Knit Blazer, such as the Boden one, helps give you a good silhouette and hide a bit of extra belly fat. Great that you like the blazer! I have worn this particular model for quite a few years now, and I still love it today. It is great for business formal and casual and extremely versatile. 

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