Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women – Range Overview

Ann Taylor is a fantastic go-to online retailer when it comes to business fashion in general. For any successful business women (to be), I would recommend checking out Ann Taylor Business suits for women. Ann Taylor offers sophisticated, well-cut business suits that will be a classic in your comfy business wardrobe.Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor suits are certainly in the mid-range when it comes to pricing, so an Ann Taylor Business Suit can be a great choice if you are looking for a suit to last but don´t want to invest in a $500 + type of suit.

To help you choose the best Ann Taylor Business suit for your needs, I have put together the below compact review of the best Ann Taylor Business Suits for women with a complete list of their main suiting options available.

This will help you find the best business suit for your needs – comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Why I Love Wearing Business Suits

I have to admit – a business suit is my absolute favorite thing to wear for the office. I love it because I feel I can never go wrong when wearing a business suit.

I look and feel professional in a good suit, and a classic suit is so easy to dress up or down. It can be very formal worn with a crisp white shirt, or example or more relaxed with a plain T.Shirt or patterned top.

I have owned several business suits over the years. From my personal experience, I recommend getting a business suit in a high-quality, stretch material as these types of suits tend to keep their shape and are very often machine-washable.

This is where the range of Ann Taylor Business Suits for Women fits the bill nicely, as you will see in my compact overview of Ann Taylor´s Business Suiting ranges below.

How A Good Business Suit Helps You

  • First off, a business suit communicates professionalism and power in an instant as no other business outfit can
  • Business suits are an extremely versatile staple business wardrobe item that you can wear in many different ways.
  • If you plan to go to an interview or client sales meeting, a business suit will be the right choice.
  • It is still the #1 Go-To outfit for the office, and anyone working in an office should own at least one good business suit.
  • Formal Clothing makes you perceive things differently, at least to a California State University study that showed that wearing formal clothing helps cognitive processes such as abstract thinking.
  • A Simple, easy to maintain “office uniform” such as a good business suit saves time and energy for more important things than deciding what to wear.
  • Work uniforms can boost your decision making. Decision fatigue is real, and the less you fret about your outfit, the more power you have for your job!

Ann Taylor

When You Should Wear A Business Suit

Personally, I believe that a business suit is suitable for every day at the office, but there are certain work occasions when you should most certainly wear a business suit. These are

  • Job Interviews
  • Sales Client meetings, if you are unsure about the clients´ dress code policy.
  • Definitely in offices with strict dress codes, e.g., law firms, tax advisors, banks
  • During presentations to a large audience
  • If you are giving an interview on behalf of your company (life or on video)

Why Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women?

If you want to look effortlessly professional, this is where Ann Taylor stands out. It allows you to look understated yet special enough to make an entrance at the office.

Ann Taylor´s website is excellent when it comes to buying business fashion online. The website offers a structured, well-set-up “for work” section, where you are guaranteed to find only items that have been hand-picked as suitable for business.

The best way to look for Ann Taylor Business Suits is to go to the “work” section and then to “suiting looks that work” , where you will find a good overview of their available business suit styles.

The offer thee main styles of suits, which I will review for you in the following section:

  • Ann Taylor Bi-Stretch Range
  • Ann Taylor Seasonless Stretch Range
  • Ann Taylor Tropical Wool Range

Best Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women – The Bi-Stretch Range

Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women

Ann Taylor The Tall Long One-Button Blazer $179 Ann Taylor The Pencil Skirt $89

Product Range: Ann Taylor Bi-Stretch Range

Price Range: $288 for a pantsuit, $268 for a skirt-suit

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ann Taylor

Sizes: 00-18

Fits: Petite, Regular, Tall

Best For job interviews, big conferences, business travel

Material:  66% Polyester, 28% Rayon, 6% Spandex

Machine washable: yes

Available Colors and Patterns: Black and Dark Grey

Average Review Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 Stars


The Ann Taylor Business Suits Bi-Stretch Range is made from a comfortable four-way stretch material, that holds its shape throughout the day.

The Ann Taylor Bi-Stretch Range Offers A Good Variety Of Eleven Different Items:

  • Two dresses: The Scoop Neck Dress In Bi-Stretch, The Belted V-Neck Dress in Bi-Stretch
  • Two blazers: The Long One-Button Blazer In Bi-Stretch, The Cutaway Blazer In Bi-Stretch
  • Four pants: The Side-Zip Ankle Pant In Bi-Stretch, The Side-Zip Straight Pant in Bi-Stretch, The Ankle Pant Bi-Stretch in a regular or curvy fit
  • Two skirts: Seamed Pencil Skirt In Bi-Stretch, The Pencil Skirt in Bi-Stretch
  • One top: The Boatneck Top

==> Click here to buy the most popular item in the bi-stretch range: The Side-Zip Ankle Pant $109 <==

==> Click here to buy the highest-rated items in the range: The Long One-Button Blazer In Bi-Stretch $179  <==

==> Click here to buy the highest-rated pair of pants in the range: The Ankle Pant Bi-Stretch Curvy Fit $109 <==

Here is what I love about the Ann Taylor Bi-Stretch Range:

  • It offers different sizing options, including petite and tall options, s well as a curvy fit for their ankle pant
  • All items are machine washable, which saves dry cleaning time and cost
  • Four-way stretch, comfortable stretch material, as many happy consumers confirm:)
  • The range encompasses timeless and tailored styles such as the one-button Blazer or “the best little black pants”, but also more modern looks such as the cutaway blazer
  • I love some of the details in the range, such as the fact that the scoop neck dress has side pockets, which is rarely the case with work dresses!
  • The side zip pants are particularly popular for their high-waist cut and side zip. This kind of pant gives you an instantly elegant look (think Audrey Hepburn) and has some serious tummy-flattening capabilities.

I could not find anything majorly wrong with this suiting range in the many reviews on the Ann Taylor site.

This quote by a happy Ann Taylor Bi-Stretch suit customer says it all:

“So simple, yet chic! These pants make me feel like Audrey Hepburn. I love the side zip and high waist, which together make them slimming and smooth under any type of top. Highly recommend.”

Four Reasons Why The Ann Taylor Bi-Stretch Range Is For you:

  1. If you need  something classy for job interviews, big conferences, and corporate office dress style
  2. If you like comfortable pants
  3. If you need to travel a lot for business
  4. If you like timeless and tailored styles

Best Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women – The Seasonless Stretch Range

Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women

Ann Taylor The Double Breasted Blazer in Seasonless Stretch $179 Ann Taylor The Trouser Pant in Seasonless Stretch $98

Product Range: Ann Taylor Seasonless Stretch Range

Price Range: $267 for a pantsuit, $258 for a skirt-suit

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ann Taylor

Sizes: 00-18

Fits: Petite, Regular, Tall, Curvy for pants and skirts

Best For Your first suit, year-round look, business casual style

Material:  48% Polyester, 48% Rayon, 4% Spandex (Shell), 100% Polyester (Lining)

Machine Washable: yes

Available Colors and Patterns: Black and Dark Grey

Average Review Rating for range: 4,5 out of 5 Stars

Range Overview

This Ann Taylor Business Suits range is made from their signature material, seasonless stretch”, which – as the name suggests is made to be worn year-round. It is also the most popular and biggest  Ann Taylor Suiting Range.

The Ann Taylor Seasonless Stretch range offers the biggest variety of options with 17 items in the range:

  • Two dresses: The Square Neck Sheath Dress In Seasonless Stretch, The Flutter Sleeve Sheath Dress In Seasonless Stretch
  • Five blazers: The Long Two-Button Blazer In Seasonless Stretch, The One-Button Blazer In Seasonless Stretch, The Pleated Crew Neck Jacket, The Double-Breasted Blazer in seasonless stretch, The Petite Notched Blazer In Seasonless Stretch
  • Six pants: The Trouser Pant, The Straight Pant, and The Ankle Pant,  each in either classic or curvy cuts
  • One skirt: Seamed Pencil Skirt In Seasonless Stretch

==> Click here to order the most popular item in the seasonless stretch range: The Straight Pant In Seasonless Stretch $98 <==

==> Click here to buy e highest-rated items in the range: Seamed Pencil Skirt in Seasonless Stretch $89<==

Here Is Everything I Love about the Seasonless Stretch Range:

  • Seasonless stretch items are made to be worn year-round, which is just AWESOME (saves money plus seasonal wardrobe shuffles)
  • Excellent value for money (just $258 for a chic pantsuit that can be worn year-round) PLUS Ann Taylor regularly offer fantastic discounts.
  • All items are machine washable, which saves dry cleaning time and cost.
  • Comfortable stretch material (slightly less stretch than bi-stretch range, but still very good and comfy)
  • Young, effortless, cool look
  • Petite sizing throughout the range, many tall items as well as “curvy” cuts for pants
  • Classic styles that will make you look professional for any business occasion
  • Comfortable and professional

With all the positive points of this range, some customers have found that the material is flimsy and not high-enough quality for a professional look. If this is a concern for you, I recommend ordering the bi-stretch. Plus some of the feedback also suggests that the material wrinkles easily, which will require more ironing. If this is of concern to you, the bi-stretch range offers some great styles as an alternative.

Five Reasons Why The Ann Taylor Seasonless Stretch Range Could Be For You:

  1. If you are buying your first suit after graduation
  2. If you are looking for a classic, stress-free business dressing experience
  3. If you are a working mom that needs to be stylish at the office, yet comfortable enough for after-work activities with kids
  4. If you want something to go with matching pants as well as jeans for a more casual look
  5. If you are looking for an affordable work closet staple

Best Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women – The Tropical Wool Range

Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women

Ann Taylor The Belted Notched Collar Dress in Tropical Wool $169

Product Range: Ann Taylor Tropical Wool Range

Price Range: $318 for a pantsuit, $298 for a skirt-suit

Cheapest Place to Buy: Ann Taylor

Sizes: 00-18

Fits: Petite, Regular, Curvy (Pants and Skirts)

Best for: formal business style

Material:  54% Polyester, 41% Wool, 5% Elastane (shell); 100% Polyester (lining)

Machine washable: yes

Available Colors and Patterns: Cool Grey, Dusk Indigo

Average Review Rating for range: 3,4 out of 5

Range Overview

This Ann Taylor Business Suit Range is made from luxe yet lightweight and easy to care for material, that feels soft and smooth and works from season to season. The range´s high-quality materials guarantee classic looks that are made to last. It is the most formal of the three business suit ranges I am introducing today.

This Range is Compact with Five Selected Items:

  • One dress: The Belted Notched Collar Dress In Tropical Wool
  • One blazer: The One Button Blazer in Tropical Wool
  • Two pants: The Straight Pant in Tropical Wool, classic and curvy fit
  • One skirt: The Pencil Skirt in Tropical Wool

==> Click here to order the most popular item in the tropical wool range:

The Straight Pant in Tropical Wool – Classic Fit $ 129<==

Here Is Everything I Love And Don´t Love  About The Tropical Wool Range

  • The color “dusk indigo” – is refreshing, will stand out at the office, and suits all complexion types.
  • the items in the range are rather formal but still easy to care for (machine washable, no dry-cleaning)
  • Pants are lined!
  • Exclusive feel due to wool-mix material
  • Beautifully cut classic pieces+
  • Despite the sophisticated look of this range, it is still machine washable

I personally recommend materials that have some stretch in them, as they tend to stay in shape better and for a longer, which is not the case with this range.

Three Reasons Why The Ann Taylor Tropical Wool Range Could Be For You

  1. If are looking for a classic, high-quality suit
  2. If you want to mix it up a bit at the office with a lightweight suit in dusk indigo
  3. If the dress code at your office is formal

My Recommendation Of Best Ann Taylor Business Suits For Women

As you have seen, Ann Taylor offers some fantastic business suiting ranges. From a working mom´s perspective, I LOVE that all Ann Taylor styles are machine washable (so practical :)) and that each range offers many different sizing options for tall, petite, and curvy women. I have not seen curvy cuts in any other retailer, and it is just simply great to have this choice if you are curvy, like me.

Having reviewed the three main suiting ranges Ann Talyor currently offers, I would personally recommend the Bi-Stretch range due to the super-stretch durable material and the number of items and styles (classic and modern) available.

I hope this post has helped you to get a good overview of Ann Taylor Business Suits. I would love to hear what you think about the Ann Taylor ranges – please leave your opinion or any questions in the below comment box!

Thank you so much! All the best, Drea


*The Cognitive Consequences Of Formal Clothing: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1948550615579462


Image Credit: Ann Taylor

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