Ann Taylor Business Clothing 10 Fabulous Must-Haves

Ann Taylor stands out as a retailer that offers an excellent online shopping experience for business clothing: they specialize in everyday workwear essentials for women that are perfect for a well-balanced office wardrobe. Apart from their fantastic business attire range, Ann Taylor is also great for everyday items such as denims or T-shirts. In this review, you will find everything about Ann Taylor business clothing and 10 fabulous must-haves for you to update your business wardrobe this fall.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing Brand BasicsAnn Taylor business clothing

Website: Ann Taylor

Based in: New York City

Business Clothing Range: yes, a dedicated section

Price Range: $$Sizes: 00-18 (US)

Special Sizing: Petite, Tall, Curvy

Best For: Complete business outfits according to dress code, pretty work dresses

Delivery: FREE Shipping above $125

Return Policy: within 30 days of the purchase date

Shop Ann Taylor business clothing 

Is Ann Taylor Business Clothing A Bit Boring?

Ann Taylor is seen as somewhat controversial: on the one hand, the retailer is a real household name in corporate America; on the other hand, some say Ann Taylor always offers more of the same – and is a bit boring. To some women, Ann Taylor provides the kind of shopping that is necessary but not necessarily enjoyable. We know we want to look professional for work, and it is a rather sensible shopping experience. Yet, most women own a piece of Ann Taylor, although some of them won´t admit to it :).

However, if you want to look effortlessly professional, this is where Ann Taylor really stands out. It allows you to look understated yet special enough to make an entrance at the office. I also love that Ann Taylor goes with current trends but usually offers a watered-down version that is suitable for the office.

You´ll Put a Great Business Outfit Together In A Matter Of MinutesAnn Taylor

I am a big fan of simple yet comfortable office wear. As a busy working mom, you simply don’t have the time to go shopping for hours on end or fret about your work outfit every morning.

This is where the Ann Taylor online shopping experience helps you out. There is a dedicated “work” section with everything work: work dresses, work pants, work shirts, work shoes,.. .you name it, they’ve got it. Besides, it is super-easy to put together a perfect office outfit in a matter of minutes. The point to make about Ann Taylor business clothing is that there are considerable advantages to wearing a “corporate uniform”. After many years of business travel and endless boardroom meetings, I concluded that a simple, easy to maintain “office uniform” is just what every working mom needs :).

The point to make about Ann Taylor business clothing is that there are considerable advantages to wearing a “corporate uniform”. After many years of business travel and endless boardroom meetings, I concluded that a simple, easy to maintain “office uniform” is just what every working mom needs :).

Besides, did you know that a simple work outfit can also boost your decision making? Work uniforms are ubiquitous for men, not so much for women. But there is a massive upside to “uniform” dressing: not worrying about a different work outfit every morning will preserve your precious energy for more important decisions at work. Decision fatigue is real, and the less you fret about your outfit, the more power you have for your job!

Read more here: How a simple work wardrobe can boost your decision making.

Popular Ann Taylor Trends This Autumn

If you want to update your comfy business wardrobe this autumn, I recommend doing so with some versatile yet trendy styles that work well wherever you will be working – whether this is from home or at the office. Here are some very cool and popular Ann Taylor PIns that I have picked for you:

 “Made You Blush”:  Pink is one of the major color trends this autumn, and Ann Taylor has dedicated a whole section called “Blush Clothing” to the color pink. You will find a wide range of jumpers and tops, pants, and skirts in “blush.” I love this very comfortable looking combination of soft trousers and jumper – think utterly sophisticated Work-from-home combo!

Ann Taylor Business Clothing

A.M. to P.M. to Anywhere: I love this combination of a sophisticated blouse with a classic pair of black pants. Morning meetings, evening invitations – this style does it all. This is Ann Taylor at its best. Trendy yet professional.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing

Ann Taylor Business Clothing – 10 Fabulous Must-Haves

Ann Taylor is your one-stop shop for anything business clothing: the retailer offers a whole dedicated section of workwear and a “shop the look” feature. Here are some of Ann Taylor’s most popular items and definite must-haves for your business wardrobe.

The Straight Pant: 

These are the perfect wear-with-all pants for the office. They have everything a good pair of office pants needs: high-quality material with a touch of stretch, belt loops, and front pockets. These pants offer every woman the right fit and come in four different sizing types: regular, curvy, petite, and tall. Apart from a classic black and navy color, they also come in mauve rose (pictures) and honey olive (online exclusive). You’ll wear them every day!

Ann Taylor Business Clothing

The Notched One-Button Blazer:

This beautifully tailored blazer is a suiting essential you can wear every day and in all seasons. It is extremely versatile as it can be worn with jeans for a more business casual look or with the straight pant for a formal business look. It comes in regular, petite, and tall sizing and in black, navy, purple, or grey tones.

Ann Boden Business Clothing
The Mixed Media Pleat Neck Top:

This is an Ann Taylor online exclusive. I would wear this top with straight pants and a blazer or with jeans and a cardigan. It is also perfect for a work to after-work type of situation.

Ann TAylor Business Clothing
The Ann Cardigan:

A cardigan is an awesome work companion. This soft knit version comes in sizes XXS to XXL and many different patterns and colors. This cardi is the perfect mix between soft, comfy, and professional :).

Ann Taylor Business Clothing
The Essential Shirt:

You can count on this slim-fit tailored shirt every day. It is machine washable, comes in many patterns and colors, and is the perfect office shirt to go with pants or a skirt. I love the exclusive look of this delicate grey version – another online exclusive.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing

The Sweater:

This sweater is a perfect WFH companion – ohhh, it just looks so comfortable 🙂 Wear this sweater with a pair of skinny jeans, and you are all set for a home office day or casual Friday.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing
The Business Casual Dress:

I love the relaxed style of this spotted flare dress. Long sleeves and a lined body make it a perfectly comfy companion during autumn and winter office days. I can see myself wearing this dress in and out of work, though. It is stylish enough for the office and relaxed enough for a kids’ birthday party. Plus, it has serious belly-hiding potential, and I will add it to my list of  best business dresses to hide a belly.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing
The Formal Business Dress:

I cannot imagine that this dress will ever go out of style – like ever. If you go for the black version, you´ll have the perfect black dress that will take you from season to season. I love the purple dress – a great color that stands out but is still understated enough to keep that super-professional look.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing
Sling-Back Pumps:

These sleek suede slingbacks are designed with a pointy toe and comfortable block heel. They are just the right height to add those few extra inches of legginess yet will not slow you down during your busy day. They go with anything you will wear at the office – pants and dresses alike.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing
The Belted Trench Coat:

A trench coat is THE classic business coat. I love Ann Taylor´s modern version that adds a bit of funk to business in this split green pea color. This coat will keep you warm during your commute and is not just strictly business. Wear it with a polar neck sweater and jeans, and you have a perfect Saturday shopping look.

Ann Taylor Business Clothing

 To Conclude

Ann Taylor is your one-stop-shop when it comes to business clothing for women. They offer classic, sophisticated yet also trendy, high-quality styles that will last for many seasons. Ann Taylor is the right brand if you want to look polished and “just-right” for any corporate job. It’s nice to have a place that caters to fill that exact need.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Ann Taylor Business Clothing and my selection of 10 Fabulous Must-Haves.
Which Ann Taylor items do you own, or which one is your favorite item from my list? I would love to hear from you and as always – if you have a question or I can give you a hand with anything at all, please drop me a line.

All the best,


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  1. There is a saying that the way u dress us the way you will be addressed; when it comes to business senses dressing good and classic, it should be the order to give the business a good image to the client and make them believe in the offer. Thanks for sharing this amazing post; it’s really helpful.

    • Hi, there is some truth in the saying, “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed”. The way you appear impacts the people around you; high-quality outfits can make you seem to look more polished and professional and make you feel more confident. Ann Taylor business clothing does offer good high-quality business attire as you have pointed out, definitely a good choice for anyone representing a company and wanting to convey a good image for yourself.

  2. Yes! My older sister recenly got a new job and it’s an office job. She is so excited to get started and to start her new position but she needs to dress up for this job and she has no idea how she’s supposed to do it! This article will be so helpful to her in guiding her to dress appropriately for her new job! I will be sharing it with her. thank you so much for providing this for us

    • Awesome, that is great to hear that this post just reached you at the right time! All the best to your sister in her new job and lots of success. She will surely impress her peers and managers alike with some of the Ann Taylor Business Clothing items. Besides, these pieces are GREAT investment pieces as they are classic in style and high quality. She will be dressed to impress. Great. All the best, Drea

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