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Welcome to My Comfy Business Outfit, where you will find business fashion hacks for working moms: styling tips and product reviews around business attire for women, especially suited to the corporate working environment.


Growing up in the 70ies and 80ies in a small village, my dream as a little girl was literally to become an international corporate manager. I loved the image of cool, knowledgeable women jet-setting the world, looking sleek in their chic business outfits.

After graduation, I hit the corporate world. Sure enough, after a few years, I was doing exactly what I had imagined – traveling the world for work, sitting in fancy conference rooms, and staying at all the best business hotels. It was a dream come true. After a few years of traveling to many countries, mostly in Europe, I took up a London position required to commute between my home country and the UK weekly. It was hectic. Always running around airports in heels, staying in a business hotel during the week, and working crazy hours.

This was when I noticed how uncomfortable business attire for women could be – running around Heathrow airport in a tight skirt suit and 2-inch heels while dragging your carry-on luggage around is not much fun at all. Not to mention the heat in airports during the winter, which had me continually sweating and feeling uncomfortable. With the sheer choice of different business outfits for women – skirts, dresses, skirt suits, pantsuits, blouses, shirts, bodies, scarfs, all the styles of shoes, the matching handbags, … it was a weekly challenge to put together the right outfit for the week ahead. I disliked the process and found it way too exhausting.

Eventually, I decided to do the same as the men – and adopted a ‘corporate work uniform’: pantsuit, shirt, and dark shoes. I did not want to think of all the different options anymore. I did not want my feet to ache anymore, and I DID want to arrive in the boardroom comfortable and relaxed, not exhausted and sweaty. As a result, I adopted a comfortable yet stylish business wardrobe that was easy to put together. This concept served me even better when I had stopped commuting but had become a working mom.


I believe many women struggle for time every day – especially working moms. I have been there. Being up with a sick baby all night and yet delivering at work the next morning is just merely exhausting and sometimes feels near impossible. I know for a fact that working moms with small children will often have to go to work with as little as a few hours of sleep, and yet they still have to deliver at work. Being a working mom with small children is hard, time is limited, and you don’t have the time and the nerves to fret over the right outfit for work. So I would like to help you by providing tips & product reviews around comfortable & stylish business outfits for working moms. Just to make your day a tiny bit easier.


My mission is to help working moms to balance their career and family life. My goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of women’s different business attire styles and a collection of links that will lead you straight to all the right products – stylish, good quality, and comfortable business clothing. I have researched for you so that you can save time by having a simple, comfortable, and stylish business wardrobe and enjoy yet another cup of coffee after dropping the kids off and hitting the daily commute.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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