5 Awesome Women Business Clothing Stores

Most of us struggle to find workwear when shopping from home. Many online retailers do not have a dedicated workwear range, and it is hard to decide what is appropriate for the office when shopping online. This is why I have put together my list of  Women Business Clothing Stores that focus exclusively on workwear or have dedicated workwear sections.  I have found 5 Online Retailers that offer great women’s business clothing ranges. All the styles in their workwear ranges are pre-selected by professional stylists, and this way, you can be sure to look the part.

As always, I want to help you take the hassle out of dressing for work and ensure that your new beloved pieces will last. This means that all retailers selected by me meet the following 3 criteria:

  • they offer a dedicated workwear range or focus exclusively on workwear – putting together your work wardrobe will be done in no time!
  • their items are machine-washable – you will save time and money for dry-cleaning
  • their items are made from high-quality materials – you will own items that last plus save money in the long run


1. Ann Taylorwomen business clothing stores

Website:  Ann Taylor

Based in: New York City

Business Clothing Range: yes, a dedicated section

Price Range: $$

Sizes: 00-18 (US)

Special Sizing: Petite, Tall

Best For: Complete business outfits according to dress code, pretty work dresses

Delivery: FREE Shipping above $125

Return Policy: within 30 days of the purchase date

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Ann Taylor is your one-stop-shop when it comes to outfits for the office. They have an entire section for workwear within their website featuring clothes for business formal and business casual dress codes and suiting looks. They offer a huge range of business essentials such as pants, dresses, and jackets. It is easy to complete your outfit on Ann Taylor, as they offer a range of business shoes and jewelry.

==> Shop Ann Taylor Business Clothing here <==

2. Bodenwomen business clothing stores

Website: boden.co.uk, bodenusa.com

Based in: London, England

Business Clothing Range: yes, search “women´s workwear.”

Price Range: $$

Sizes: 2-22 (US),

Special Sizing: Petite (5ft 3in or under) and Long (5ft 10in or over)

Best For: Bright Blazers, Colorful Shirts, Fun Dresses, Stylish Shoes

Delivery: FREE Shipping over $49 (US),

Return Policy: 3-months no quibble return policy (7 days for sales items), 365-day return for anything that does not meet high-quality expectations (except wear and tear)

Boden´s workwear collection comprises bright colors and bold patterns. For their workwear collection, high-quality materials such as Ponte-knit fabric in pants and blazers or silk shirts are used. Boden´s styles are fashionable and stylish yet still perfectly suitable for any corporate environment or dress code. All styles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you are guaranteed to find the right style for yourself. A comprehensive sizing chart and customer feedback about actual sizing makes it easy to find the right size. In addition to their website, they also deliver catalogs to your house once you have signed up with them.

Shop Boden US Business Clothing

Shop Boden UK Business Clothing

3. Of MercerWomen Business Clothing Stores

Website: ofmercer.com

Based in: New York City

Business Clothing Range: entire site

Price Range: $$$

Sizes: 00-14 (US),

Special Sizing: Plus Size, Maternity, Petite, Tall

Best For: Gorgeous elegant formal workwear, stunning dresses

Delivery: FREE Shipping

Return Policy: up to 30 days from delivery (all non-sale* clothing items)  for a full refund,  up to 60 days to exchange or return items for store credit.

Of Mercer specializes in office-appropriate clothes, and their entire range is “safe for work” (and some). They offer classic yet versatile styles designed for women on the go that can easily go from boardroom to after-work drinks. If you are looking for business outfits suitable for a formal dress code environment, Of Mercer is a brilliant choice. I love the fact that they cater for all shapes and sizes with a plus size, maternity, petite and tall range. They have a wide range of machine-washable items, and their “matching suiting” feature makes it easy to put together an entire outfit in seconds. If you want to avoid decision fatigue, Of Mercer is a great choice!

Shop Of Mercer Business Clothing

4. M.M. LaFleurWomen Business Clothing Stores

Website: mmlafeur.com

Based in: New York City

Business Clothing Range: entire site

Price Range: $$$

Sizes: 0P-16 (US)

Special Sizing: Plus Sizes

Best For: High-fashion, statement pieces, power-clothing

Delivery: FREE Shipping

Return Policy: 60 days from delivery

M.M.Lafleur´s collection of high-fashion clothing oozes style and sophistication. All items are designed with attention to detail, and it shows. M.M.Lafleur is all about sophisticated style with clear lines and minimalistic touch. Yet, due to soft and luxe fabric, their pieces are perfect for cross-occasion dressing – think going from home office to corporate boardroom. M.M.Lafleur´s range of office clothing are definitely investment pieces that will last Their complimentary personal stylist service will help you make the right choice.

Shop M.M. LaFleur Business Clothing

5. Eileen FisherWomen Business Clothing Stores


Based in: New York City

Business Clothing Range: entire site

Price Range: $$$

Sizes: 0 – 20 (US)

Special Sizing: Petite and Sizes

Best For: black and white pants and t-shirts, relaxed workwear essentials

Delivery: FREE Shipping

Return Policy: 30 days from purchase

Eileen Fisher´s clothing range is all about simplicity and doing more with less. The focus is on classic and simplistic styles in either black, white, and muted colors. You will not find any patterns in the Eileen Fisher range, and this shop is a perfect choice when investing in workwear essentials such as high-quality t-shirts, a silk blouse, or a classic pant. They are an inclusive company featuring models of all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. Due to the understatement in Eileen Fisher´s design and the relaxed yet sophisticated style, their items are best suited for a creative working environment. They offer a wide range of items from washable materials such as washable silk or washable stretch crepe.

Shop Eileen Fisher Business Clothing

Take The Hassle Out Of  Business Clothing – With These 5 Women Business Clothing Stores

I hope you have enjoyed my review of 5 of the most awesome women business clothing stores. Buying business clothes is usually not as frequent as buying casual clothes for your free time.

So, when you buy, I recommend going for pieces you will LOVE, versatile and easily maintainable.

The 5 stores I have presented to you today offer just that, and they are presenting the business clothing ranges in a way that makes it easy to put together great work outfits in a matter of minutes. Great Quality and Ease of Use – these 2 components will help you save time and money in the long run and take the hassle out of business clothing.

If you have any feedback about online business clothing stores YOU love or have any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below! I would love to hear about your experience buying women’s business fashion online and look forward to the discussion.

All the best



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  1. Good article.  Very informative and takes the guesswork out of where to purchase certain styles of clothing suitable for the workplace.  I also like that you included each of their return policies as well because we all know that sizes vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and the chances that you may need to return something exists.

    • Hello Lisa, thank you for your comment. I agree, return policies are essentials. I often end up ordering the same item in 2 different sizes just to see which one fits best. Having said that, all mentioned retailers also offer a comprehensive sizing charts and some show how the items fit according to cusotmer feedback. I find that with these features it has become much easier to find and order the right size. Return policies are also really generous these days and through the Covid-19 situation have become even more generous (there is a plus point in every crisis…). I am glad you have enjoyed reading my post and hope that you and your family are well.

  2. Quite great to see here. I am definitely forwarding this to my wife straight up. Being tasked with helping her find a store online to  focus attention on getting her office clothes was tasking until I came across this here right now. If there’s anything I have taken well note of, it is that most of these companies actually offer return policy which is quite a good one and also help attach better credence to them.

    • Hello Nath, I am happy to hear that my list of Women Business Clothing Stores has helped you (and your wife :)). Return policies are very generous these days which ist great as sometimes it is difficult to determine the right size and you may want to order two sets of sizes just to be sure of the right fit. Enjoy shopping and I hope you find what you are looking for! All the best, Drea

  3. It is so hard to find stylish office clothing for women. I usually buy from Zara or Mng, but I would love to give them a try. it is always great to change things up. I have to say that I love the Boden style, that blouse is adorable. I can wear a lot of blouses. I also love Ann Taylor; they are very affordable. I will check them out. 

    • Hello Nuttanee, you are so right – it is difficult to find stylish office clothing for women. It is often challenging to determine whether an item will be office-appropriate or too casual. Zara and Mng are good shops to buy from. However, what I have found over the years is that you need to spend quite a lot of time browsing through their shop or online store and put together the outfit yourself. You also need to be mindful that some items, especially on Mng can be a bit too fancy for a formal or business casual office style – they might be more on the smart-casual side of things (shiny tops, fancy cuts). That is not a bad thing, of course, if you work in an environment where this style is suitable (for example, creative agencies). I love about Boden the fantastic colors they offer on the one hand and that it is so easy to put together a business outfit, as they have a dedicated workwear section. Ann Taylor, of course, specializes in office wear even more, and their “shop the look” feature is so convenient and puts the look together for you, almost like a personal stylist. For more inspiration on Ann Taylor outfits, you might want to check out my article about 10 Fabulous Must-Haves From The Ann Taylor Range

  4. Glad you made it clear and informative, and kudos for pointing everyone in the right direction when it comes to finding the right place to order specific clothing styles appropriate for the workplace! Including each retailer’s return policies is much appreciated, as this might prompt the right customers to order the right products at the right time.

    Agreed with you that not many virtual retailers are carrying stylish business wear, and the COVID-19 situation has changed people’s perspectives when it comes to shopping.

    • Hello Michael, I remember a few years back, it was challenging to get women’s´ business wear online when you wanted to be sure that it was definitely business appropriate. Mens´ business attire is pretty straightforward, and when you enter a men’s´ suit shop, you know instantly that what you are going to buy is business-appropriate. With women’s´ business attire, there is just so much to choose from, and there is a fine line between business casual and too casual, and it is sometimes hard to tell whether an item is still appropriate or not. This is why I really appreciate shops that carry a specific “workwear” range, as I can be certain that what I am going to buy there is appropriate for work. This will help many professional women, especially working moms, who don´t have much time to go shopping and browse through websites. You are right about the return policies; they are critical, as it is sometimes tricky to order the right size off the bat. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, I am sure that many online retailers will further improve their shipment and return policies, which is great if you like to shop online. Thank you for your comment, Michael! All the best, Drea

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