5 Awesome Tips About How To Wear Leggings To Work

Leggings are insanely comfortable and versatile and have become hugely popular in the last few years. Wouldn´t you LOVE to wear leggings all day – every day?  If that´s you and you want to find out how to wear leggings to work, look no further. In the next few minutes, you will learn about my 5 excellent tips about how to wear leggings to work.

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 Tip #1: Avoid workout leggings
how to wear leggings for work

Leggings first became popular as part of a workout outfit; for example, if you think of Jane Fonda’s outfits in her 80ies aerobics videos.

These “workout leggings” are typically made from Lycra, come in colorful patterns, and have features such as the picture’s transparent parts. These are NOT the type of leggings you are looking for in the workplace. 

Tip #2: Don´t ever wear short tops with leggings outside the gym

In my opinion, the ONLY place where it is OK to wear leggings with short tops in the gym while working out. Everywhere else, I consider the combo leggings / short tops as a complete NO-NO, especially for office wear.

So my second tip about how to wear leggings to work is:  never-ever wear short tops with leggings (for work). Instead, combine them with tops that come down to at least mid-hip but ideally cover your bottom.

Tip #3: Look for strong materials

The first thing you should pay attention to when looking for a pair of leggings is the material. Make sure the material is firm enough to make your legs look smooth and firm. If the material is too thin or low-quality, your leggings will reveal every detail about your legs, also the unwanted ones such as bulges – you really want to avoid that.

Bad quality leggings will look worn-out very quickly, i.e., saggy around your knees or bottom.

To choose a good pair of leggings designed to be worn for work, avoid materials such as Lycra or spandex – these are ideally suitable for workout clothes, but not for office clothes.

What you want to look for instead is a material with a high level of stretch in it: Ponte fabric is an ideal choice – it provides 4-way stretch, is machine-washable, and virtually iron-free.

Tip #4: Go for dark colors

If you are looking to wear comfortable leggings to work but still want to achieve a polished and professional office look, make sure to go for dark colors in your paints.

Depending on your color type, this can be navy or marine blue, dark gray, or black.

So once you have found a pair of leggings made from a strong and stretchy material, such as Ponte, and in a dark color, make sure to combine them with the right tops and shoes to achieve a polished business look.

Tip #5: Combine leggings with formal business clothing

Ideal partners for business leggings are blazers, blouses, and dresses. Ideally, it would be best to choose tops that are not too fitted; these will make your legs look slimmer and create a better overall look. My top tips when it comes to ideal companions for your business leggings are:how to wear leggings to work

  • dark blazers: combine your leggings with a blazer that matches your pants’ color, and you will have a comfortable business casual-style pantsuit. The color again can be marine blue, dark gray, or black – depending on your preference
  • a shirt: combine your leggings with tops such as a classic white button-down shirt; other good choices – especially in smart casual business environments – is an oversize shirt as shown in the picture. Generally, I recommend going for loose-fitting shirts; these flatter your curves and enhance the overall look.
  • A knee-length dress: as part of a smart-casual business dress code, you can also wear leggings with dresses. A great choice are jersey wrap dresses. The material stays in place all day long, and wrap-around cuts create an incredible silhouette for any figure. Besides, if you are a working mother, this outfit goes seamlessly from boardroom to playground. It is fantastic!
  • Shoes: the ideal companion for leggings at the office are classic business pumps. If you match the color to your pants’ color, your legs will look longer, and you create a stylish, put-together outfit. Other good shoe choices for the office are ballerinas in the summer or knee-high boots in the winter. Which shoes to wear with your leggings depends on the predominant dress code at your office. Ballerinas and boots are definitely more suitable in the office with a business casual or smart casual dress code.

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This is how to wear leggings to work while looking polished and professional!

how to wear leggings to work

As long as you are wearing high-quality leggings in a dark color and combine them with more formal business clothing – it is definitely OK to wear leggings to work. Leggings have experienced a HUGE boom in the last years, and since they are so comfortable and versatile, they should be part of every working mother’s business wardrobe. Always check the typical dress style at your office (Professional business, business casual, or smart casual) and choose your tops/shoes accordingly. My recommendation is: Invest in a few good quality pairs of leggings for your business wardrobe – you will want to wear them all the time, and they will make your day just that bit more comfortable :).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. I love your tips on how to wear leggings at work and being professional! I really hope that no one has ever worn leggings and short tops at work! 🙂 Very good the tip about choosing a strong material for the leggings, and the picture you shared really shows how we can be stylish even staying comfortable at work. A very good piece of content, honestly! I’ve bookmarked your website because it is always so interesting to read your articles!

    • Thank you Rosalia for taking time to comment on my post! I really appreciate your feedback. I am happy that I could provide some useful tips and examples in the article. And if you do ever see the leggings and short tops combo yourself, you have a piece of information to pass on now :). Stay tuned for more interesting content about comfortable yet stylish business attire on this site. Thank you.

  2. The overall atmosphere in most businesses have become far more relaxed over the past few years. Gone are the day when some companies would not allow women to wear trousers! At some point jeans were frowned upon, but with more stylish designs and colours, it became acceptable in many companies.

    And now it is the same with leggings. Some great tips that you have given us on how to combine leggings and tops to still look professional and polished in the office.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. You are right, as in every aspect of life, a gradual “evolution” is happening when it comes to business attire and over time more and more relaxed items have become acceptable for women at the office. 

      I am all for comfortable yet stylish business attire and the “leggings” revolutiion certainly is a breakthrough. As long as leggings are high quality and combined with more formal items, they are a brilliant way to mix your daily wardrobe up a bit and go from work to play with ease.

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